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Der Stürmer (19)

Der Stürmer & Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes & Command & Fogged By Fleshflies - Split

Genre: NSBM/NSBM/NSBM/Industrial Ambient
Country: Greece/Japan/Brazil/Japan
Year: 2016

Der Stürmer
01. (Beyond The) Threshold Of Anger
02. Divine Deadly Winds (Kamikaze)
03. The Shining Darkness Of Phosphorous
Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes
04. Pikadon Prayer
05. Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes
06. Neuschwabenland
07. Return To Our Power
Fogged By Fleshflies
09. Bakusatsunoshukunukaikaze/Head Wind Within Flavor Of Killing In A Bombing

Der Stürmer & Auschwitz Symphony Orchestra - Split

Genre: NSBM/Grindcore
Country: Greece/Finland
Year: 2016

Der Stürmer
01. Judas Burning
02. Antiochos Antitheos
03. Piles Of Pigheads In The Synagogue
04. Eastern Front (Flames Cover)
Auschwitz Symphony Orchestra
05. Intro
06. Goat-Fucking Nigger From Kenya
07. Holocaustian
08. I Took A Free One-Week Subscription Of Helsingin Sanomat Just In Case I Run Out Of Toilet Paper
09. Fuck The TTIP
10. You Can Order A Human Steak At Restaurant In Nigeria
11. Valtiot Pankkien Orjina
12. EU On Vihollinen
13. Puikulapää
14. Demlamafia
15. Crush Commie Face Well
16. Israel Must Be Multicultural
17. Fuck The Middle-East
18. Israel's Nuclear Weapons
19. Tina Rosenberg Stay Out Of Finland
20. Cultural Enrichment
21. Licentia Poetarum
22. Destroy Monsanto
23. Jack The Ripper Was A Jew Named Aaron Kosminski
24. Plutocracy
25. Build A Wall To Eastern Border So The Commies Would Stay In Russia
26. Albert Einstein Was A Jewish Swindler
27. Former Chief Of Finnish Narcotics Police Jari Aarnio, The Drug Lord Of Finland
28. Everyone In NAMBLA Should Be Killed
29. The Joke Called The Nurenberg Trials
30. Holohoax

Goatmoon & Der Stürmer - Kansojen Hävittäjä & Crushing The Maccabees

Country: Finland/Greece
Year: 2016

01. Kansojen Hävittäjä
Der Stürmer
02. Der Stürmer
03. Für Den Kommenden Mann
04. Burst Command Till War (Sodom Cover)

Der Stürmer & Wehrhammer - Split

Country: Greece/Germany
Year: 2013

Der Stürmer
01. Vengeful Execution
02. In Times Of Storm
03. Taten Die Ewig Leben
04. Schlag Der Freiheit

Der Stürmer - Areifatoi

Genre: NSBM
Country: Greece
Year: 2013

01. Once The Idols Have Fallen 
02. Himmelstürmer 
03. Voices Of The Glorious Dead

Der Stürmer - Transcendental Racial Idealism

Genre: NSBM
Country: Greece
Year: 2011

01. The conqueror than the saint
02. Like a thousend sharpened blades
03. Erasithanatos (The tragedy of heroic pessimism)
04. Day of the hunter
05. Iron strife towards up high
06. Jus Sanguinis
07. Forces of tradition
08. Gallant defenders of the last bastion
09. Götterdämmerung 

Der Stürmer - Carelian Pagan Madness

Genre: NSBM
Country: Greece
Year: 2010

01. Intro 
02. Those Who Lived and Died Like Heroes 
03. Siegtruppen 
04. Age of Barbarism 
05. Adolf Der Grosse 
06. Fur Den Kommenden Man 
07. When Totenkopf Rises 
08. Dawning Israel's Perdition 
09. Guards of The Solar Order 
10. Commando (Bound for Glory cover) 
11. Mors Triumphalis 
12. Sons of Thunder 

Der Stürmer - Bloodsworn

Genre: NSBM
Country: Creece
Year: 2008

01. Megali Hellas
02. Oath of Honour
03. The heroic Ideal (what once was again shall be)
04. Iron Will and Discipline
05. For Pagan and Heretic's Blood
06. Heathen Terrormachine
07. Guards of the Solar Order
08. Mors Triumphalis
09. They've got attacked by the Werewolves
10. When the Elders were still young
11. Marked for Genocide
12. Poison of Modernity
13. Anti-Semitic Fundamentalism
14. Those who spoke with Death

Der Stürmer & Evil & Nacht und Nebel - Those who want to create... Must Have the Will to Destroy!

Country: Greece/Brazil/Canada
Year: 2007

Der Stürmer 
01. Those Who Spoke with Death 
02. In the Mountains of Madness 
Nacht und Nebel 
03. The Final Solution

Totenburg & Der Stürmer - Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Country: Greece/Germany
Year: 2007 

Der Stürmer
01. Keras Polemou
02. Smyntheus (He Who Beheads The Serpent)
03. The Prophet Of Hellenism
04. The Aeonic Cycle Of Time
05. Age Of Barbarism 
06. Eiserne Spitze Der Revolution
07. Du, Die Unbezwingbare Kraft

Der Stürmer - A Banner Greater Than Death

Genre: NSBM
Country: Greece
Year: 2006

01. Dawning Israel's Perdition
02. Arr-Hammer
03. An Iron Fist (For the Modern World)
04. Defiance
05. Those Who Lived and died like Heroes
06. Last Battalion's Marching
07. Ancestral Wolfcall
08. Baptized by the Blood of the Fallen (Blutfahne)
09. Feel the Bitter Taste of Nemesis
10. Adolf der Große

Arghoslent & Mudoven & Der Stürmer - Split


Country: USA/USA/Greece
Year: 2005

01. The Ghosts of Flossenburg
02. Expose
03. Million "Man" March 
Der Stürmer
04. Marked for Genocide 

Der Stürmer & War 88 - Once and Again Plundering the Zion


Country: Greece/Poland
Year: 2004

Der Stürmer
01. They've Got Attacked by the Werewolves
02. When the Elders Were Still young
War 88
03. Arrival of Strikeforces
04. Blut und Eisen
05. Stukas Attack 
Country: Greece/ Poland
Year: 2004

01. Im Ewigkeit Aufgehängt
02. Brandstätte Der Harmonie
03. Relikt
04. Fatum 
Der Stürmer
05. Für Den Kommenden Mann
06. Europa Erwache!
07. Sieg Heil Vaterland
08. Der Hakenkreuz

Der Stürmer & Capricornus - Polish-Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G.!

Country: Poland/Greece
Year: 2003

01. Sunwheel On The Helmet Of Steel
02. War And Courage
03. When The Hell Is Full
04. Fenrir Unleashed
Der Stürmer
05. Sons Of Thunder
06. Revenge Burns Eternal
07. Bis in den Tod
08. The Nailbomber
09. H.H.!

Der Stürmer - Iron Will and Discipline

Genre: NSBM
Country: Greece
Year: 2002

01. Heathen Terrormachine
02. Guards of the Solar Order
03. Iron Will and Discipline
04. For Pagan and Heretic Blood (Graveland Cover)

Der Stürmer - The Blood Calls for W.A.R.

Genre: NSBM
Country: Greece
Year: 2001

01. Der Stürmer
02. When Totenkopf Rises
03. Siegtruppen
04. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer
05. The Hammer falls on Zion
06. Stahlbestie des Führers
07. Hearts Full of Hate
08. Herrenrasse
09. The Blood Calls for W.A.R.

Der Stürmer - Siegertuppen

Genre: NSBM
Country: Greece
Year: 2000

01. Siegtruppen
02. When Totenkopf Rises
03. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer

Der Stürmer - Europa Erwache!

Genre: NSBM
Country: Greece
Year: 1999

01. Für den Kommenden Mann
02. Europa Erwache!
03. Sieg Heil Vaterland
04. Das Hakenkreuz

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