Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Warwulf (03)

Warwulf - The Archetype of Destruction

Genre: Black Metal
Country:  United States
Year: 2013
01. Banners of Glory and Hate
02. From the Ashes of Decay
03. Reminisce of Our Past
04. Monumental Black Art
05. Broken Cross of Black Steel
06. Spirits of the Old
07. Of What Remains...

Sad & Warwulf - Walking the Paths of Despair

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece/USA
Year: 2009
01. A Maze Of Rats
02. In The Arms Of Sleep
03. Mass Annihilation
04. Fade To Infinity
05. Memories Of A Cruel Past
06. Follow The Wolves To My Grave
07. Of Secret And Shadow
08. Symbol Of Purity

Warwulf - Forgotten Dreams of a Lost Empire

Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA
Year: 2008
01. Burning The Traces Of Your Past
02. Glorification Of War
03. Embracing The Glory Of A.
04. Upon The Ruins And Ashes Of Our Enemies...
05. Shattered Dreams And Glass
06. Aigle Conquérant : Titus Victorieux (Seigneur Voland cover)

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